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Date & Time: Every Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to noon

Place: 8th floor, Hokutopia Bldg., 1-11-1 Oji, Kita Ward, Tokyo
Three minutes' walk from Oji Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line
or the
Subway Nanboku Line, or Oji-eki-mae Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
Fee : 200 yen per forum (Initial participation is free.)
Time Forum    timeforum.since1997@gmail.com


It has been long since the term “internationalization” or “globalization” characterized the world in which we live. As more and more international or cross-cultural exchanges take place at all levels of society, both understanding and misunderstanding among the people of the world seem to be increasing, with the latter unfortunately leading to many undesired incidents. Under such circumstances, communication seems to be the key to minimize misunderstanding and maximize understanding among the people. Verbal communication, in particular, is a very effective, if not the only, means of understanding each other. Discussing current topics would make us think about the world in which we live and ourselves who live in the world. The discussion in this sense would relate us to the world, the world to us, and us to each other. It would expand our intellectual and perceptive horizons through the open and frank exchange of opinions.


Time Forum is a weekly English forum to discuss current topics. It provides an arena in which the participants can exchange their views freely and candidly and aims to enhance their knowledge and awareness of current topics, communication skills in discussion, and mutual understanding through discussion. In order to set a direction in discussion each week, Time Forum brings into focus the topic taken up in the cover story of the latest issue of The Economist or TIME Magazine as a common topic for discussion. The discussion is not, however, limited to the cover story topic only. Any other current topics you are interested in can also be discussed. The focus on the cover story topic of the latest issue of The Economist or TIME Magazine is merely to have a common topic each week. In that sense, The Economist or TIME Magazine can be used as a reference material, but reading The Economist or TIME beforehand is not a requisite for joining Time Forum.


Anyone interested can participate in Time Forum, which meets as described above.            

     Yoshihito  Kurasawa